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Demogorgon - Vinyl SODA

Demogorgon - Vinyl SODA

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Supernatural monsters are on the loose in Hawkins, Indiana! The Demogorgon leads the way in terror with this Funko Soda vinyl figure. Only 15,000 of this figure were made, and there's a 1 in 6 chance you'll find the Demogorgon hunt jaw-dropping. Run fast to add this creature to your Stranger Things collection!

Chase variants are shipped randomly. Receipt of Pursuit with Purchase is not guaranteed.

  • Officially licensed The Stranger Things
  • Designed and developed by Funko .
  • SODA Demogorgon Figures 
  • Window box packaging.
  • Premium collectables - highly detailed features and high quality PVC.
  • The vinyl figure stands approximately 4 inches tall.
An extradimensional entity from the warped reality known as The Upside Down, the Demogorgon was a hulking creature that fed on those it kidnapped in our reality. Having snuck into the town of Hawkins, Indiana after an experiment with the psychic Eleven, he terrorized the townspeople with his space-time warping abilities.

Recreating this terrifying monster from the Stranger Things universe, the Demogorgon returns as a SODA Demogorgon vinyl figure in a collector's box from Funko!

Each of these stunningly designed SODA cans comes with an exceptional character illustration in vibrant colors and a sleek, glossy finish. The 4.25 inch SODA vinyl figures inside are all lucky enough to be an extra rare Open Face Chase variant!

A "POG"-shaped trading card is also included for fans to proudly display next to this fascinating figure.

Probability of getting the CHASE model = 1/6
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