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Celestial Nighthawk Helmet Replica

Celestial Nighthawk Helmet Replica

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As a swarm of Hives approaches you, you find yourself surrounded. Armed with your Golden Gun, you decide to resort to your last option: it's all or nothing. It's a good thing we have the coveted Celestial Nighthawk helmet on hand because it's the perfect thing to have in this situation! Numskull has teamed up with Bungie to bring you your own exotic Celestial Nighthawk helmet to keep at home! Measuring 6 inches (14.7 cm) tall, this powerful replica helmet is the perfect collectible for any fan of the Destiny games.

  • Official Bungie product.
  • Designed and designed by Numskull Designs, in collaboration with the Bungie Cinematics team.
  • Highly detailed replica of the Celestial Nighthawk helmet.
  • Dimensions: 6 inches/14.7 cm (height) x 3.7 inches/9.4 cm (width) x 5.4 inches/13.9 cm (length).
  • Stands at a mighty 6" (14.7cm) tall.
  • Made from high quality resin.
  • Perfect collectible for any Destiny fan.
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