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Hulk "Assemble" (SE)

Hulk "Assemble" (SE)

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AVENGERS - POP Deluxe No. 585 - Hulk "Assemble" SPECIAL EDITION

The Marvel Avengers Assemble series is a brand new Amazon-exclusive initiative from Funko. The Funko Pop! The Deluxe Avengers Assembly Series will include 6 unique new collectibles, continuing with The Incredible Hulk. This series will capture the iconic moment from the first Avengers movie, where the team circles around and comes together for the first time. Each collectible will fit snugly into the next, ultimately forming a dynamic piece 12 inches in diameter, with 6 collectibles in total. These collectibles feature a level of detail not captured by the original Funko Pop series! collectibles made for the first <i>Avengers</i> movie from Marvel Studios. Start your Avengers Assemble streak today by securing the second collectible, The Hulk! The Avengers Assemble: Hulk bobblehead stands approximately 5.5 inches tall, with a base 5 inches wide and 4 inches deep.

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