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Arthur Pendragon (SE) – PRE-ORDER*

Arthur Pendragon (SE) – PRE-ORDER*

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KAAMELOTT - POP N° 1268 - Arthur Pendragon

Bring a bit of the crazy world of Kaamelott into your collection with POP No. 1268 featuring Arthur Pendragon. This Funko POP! captures the essence of the legendary King of Kaamelott with his distinctive style.
Arthur Pendragon is represented in this figurine with the characteristic features that made the series successful. Whether you're a die-hard Kaamelott fan or just want to add a humorous touch to your figurine collection, this POP! is a perfect choice.
Get POP No. 1268 Arthur Pendragon now and add a dose of medieval comedy to your Funko POP collection! It's also a fantastic gift for Kaamelott lovers.
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