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Monopoly Dungeons & Dragons Thieves Honor

Monopoly Dungeons & Dragons Thieves Honor

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MONOPOLY - Dungeons & Dragons Thieves' Honor (FR)

Venture through a land of magic and monsters with the Monopoly Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves game, inspired by the D&D movie! This immersive board game features key characters and locations from the film. Players can explore the Forgotten Realms as part of a group of intrepid adventurers. Discover the adventure around the Sword Coast and the perilous Underdark, search for useful items and powerful spells and collect treasures. But watch out for monsters, sneaky red wizards and treacherous thieves! The game ends when all locations have been secured. The player with the most gold wins! This D&D adventure game is aimed at children ages 8 and up and makes a great gift for fans of Dungeons & Dragons and the game Monopoly.

  • Venture through the Forgotten Realms with the Monopoly Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves game, inspired by the D&D movie
  • Players embark on a quest around the Forgotten Realms game board, showcasing key locations from the film. Whoever collects the most gold wins
  • Choose from 5 tokens, each representing a character from the film, and match it to a corresponding Character card. Each character has a special ability, giving players an advantage
  • Players land on a location and reveal an Adventure card, then roll the 20-sided die to decide their fate! Will they secure the location or fail and pay a heavy price?
  • Find useful items and powerful spells in the Magic & Mystery Deck, but beware of iconic D&D monsters, red wizards, and treacherous rogues.
  • Level up with the Dungeon Master deck for a custom or advanced game mode! Use these cards to change certain locations and adventures, and to add more monsters to the perilous quest.
  • This Dungeons & Dragons board game makes a great gift for Dungeons & Dragons fans, Monopoly game fans, gamers, teens, and kids ages 8 and up.

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Includes game board, 5 tokens, 5 Character cards, 16 Adventure cards, 30 Magic and Mystery cards, 9 Dungeon Master cards, Dungeon Master envelope, 6-sided die, 20-sided die, 90 gold coins cardboard and a game guide.

8 years and over.
For 2 to 5 players.

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