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Stranger Things Ducks

Stranger Things Ducks

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Armed with a vast array of telekinetic abilities, Eleven does not hesitate to fight against the Mind Flayer, the malevolent entity that rules the Upside Down. Looks like all the time spent in the Upside Down has turned her into a quack duck!

Pack of 6 Ducks from the Stranger Things collection

  • Official Netflix / Stranger Things products
  • Designed and developed by Numskull Designs.
  • TUBBZ - your favorite characters from video games, movies, TV shows and comics come to life as duck cosplays.
  • Collect them all - 6 to collect in the range TUBBZ from Stranger Things
  • Presentation box - delivered in a bathtub shaped presentation box, featuring the logo Stranger Things can be stacked on top of others TUBBZ .
  • Premium collectible items - highly detailed features and made from high quality PVC.
  • Duck approximately 9 cm high.
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