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Nemesis Duck

Nemesis Duck

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If you encounter an undead, we recommend running for it as it is ruthless and its power is unmatched! The Nemesis is the Umbrella Corporation's ultimate bio-organic weapon, even as a duck.

Possessing vastly superior intelligence and physical dexterity, the Nemesis is the Umbrella Corporation's ultimate bio-organic weapon!

  • Official products Resident Evil .
  • Designed and developed by Numskull Designs.
  • TUBBZ - your favorite characters from video games, movies, TV shows and comics come to life as duck cosplays.
  • Collect them all - 9 to collect in the range TUBBZ of Resident Evil .
  • Presentation box - delivered in a bathtub shaped presentation box, featuring the logo Resident Evil and can be stacked on top of others TUBBZ .
  • Premium collectible items - highly detailed features and made from high quality PVC.
  • Duck approximately 9 cm high.
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